Kyoto ogawa syouyaku villa

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An extraordinary space
with two uniquely themed baths
Exclusive to 1 group (up to 2 people) per day

Located on the top floor of our building, our private accommodation offers over 100 square meters of space for your exclusive use.

Each end of the room features a bathroom with a distinct design: one themed “tranquillity” and the other “openness.”

Start your stay by relaxing in the jet-black “tranquillity” bath to escape daily stresses, then enjoy the refreshing experience of the semi-open-air “openness” bath.

Our accommodations boast a spacious living room with a study area, and almost all areas feature underfloor heating, ensuring comfort even during Kyoto’s cold winters.

Upon arrival, please speak to a staff member on the first floor, who will guide you to your room and assist with all formalities.

If you plan to stay for consecutive nights, you can seamlessly continue your stay by participating in our eco-program.


Kyoto City, Nakagyo-ku, Nijo Aburanokoji-cho272,Kyoto Japan